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The food pyramid that was established by the government is the most unhealthiest way to base your nutritional intake out of. After all they have the grains listed at the bottom as to be eaten the most. Grains including whole grains are unhealthy and should be completely avoided. They cause a lot more illness than you think which leads to autoimmune problems. It's also the best way to fatten up. What do you think they feed factory farm animals to fatten them up? Grains of course. Grains are the reason why diabetes have risen up and why obesity have become so common. Grains were never even part of the ancestral, hunter-gatherer diet to begin with. It's unnatural for people to eat this shit and it irritates the human digestive tract. Gluten is the worst offender which is found in wheat. 
Cows were also not made to eat grains or to be confined in small overcrowded pens while being injected with tons of rBHT aka growth hormones. They were made to eat grass and to roam free out in the plains. Grass-fed, free range beef is more leaner, more nutritious compared to the diseased crap found in most grocery stores. To make matters worse the grains that they're fed are GMO corn so when you eat diseased beef, you're also consuming the GMOs and hormones tainted in it. That's why there are outbreaks of diseases after eating inferior beef. Not only are grains are part of the factory farm animal's diet but junk such as candy (sometimes including the wrapper), expired crap, and trash. It's no wonder why throughout the media has labeled beef and red meat in general to be "unhealthy". Because of the unnatural levels of high omega-6s found on factory farm meats and they only based their findings on the sick factory farmed meats from the grocery store. High omega-6s are one of the main causes for heart disease. Grass-fed meat have low levels of omega-6 and a good amount of omega-3s along with a bountiful of other nutrients plus it has a lot less calories. The more omega-3s you have in your diet, the less likely you'll get heart disease, mental illness, and even cancer. The same goes for consuming a diet of low carbs or no carbs at all. Carbohydrates are damaging too so it's best to stay away from sugar and starches (such as potatoes) if you value your health and your fitness -- fruits are ok only in moderation. So the "eat more carbs and avoid fats" myth was created for the interest of Big Pharma in order to make more cholesterol-lowering drugs which in turn makes them billions....their wallets are getting bigger along with your BMI. Your body can survive without carbs but it cannot survive without fats. Carbs are useless. Every cell and organ needs fats in order to function. It's worth noting that it's important to eat healthy fats (butter, nuts, avocados) and not harmful ones (trans fat) such as vegetable oils and margarine. Back to the first subject, the only reason why the government listed grains to be part of a 'healthy diet' is because of the power that big corporations have. The cereal, breakfast, and grain corporations have an influence on the government because money is on their best interest not health. The more crap people eat, the more money they make. Which in turn makes more people sick and that's when it becomes beneficial for Big Pharma's pocket. 

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the-little-seagull Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish you were a troll.
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Why does this account exist
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you ma'am, are the most sickest person i have ever met 
OrderOfTheNewWorld Featured By Owner Edited Mar 24, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Indeed, it's something the masses will find hard to swallow though. They're too programmed to eat junk.
jake7379 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
this boi bein roasted by savdraws
Disappointed-Gastly Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
but why deviantART
of all places to try to push your agenda
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I could say the same to liberals and SJWs. Not everyone wants to support what they support, you know. 
ZoZoYah Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017
Deviantart is not a porn site.
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